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At TALASKE, we are committed to using and advancing technology to guide our design team members and owners to the quality solutions they seek. While we place a high priority on these resources, we are mindful that the final evaluation must be based on a combination of objective measurements and informed experience.

At TALASKE, we invest in proven, authoritative acoustic, audio and video testing equipment. We own a full complement of equipment and maintain the equipment in proper calibration. We are skilled in operating these tools and, perhaps most importantly, capable of accurately interpreting the data. If necessary, we also create or develop the resources we need for specific project applications.

All of our equipment is portable and can be transported worldwide in protective cases to ensure its reliability.

We draw upon cutting edge acoustic and audio modeling computer software programs such as CATT-Acoustic and EASE to predict the characteristics of sound and optimize room and system designs during the design phase. Often we auralize a space for analysis purposes and to allow our clients to understand the approximate sound characteristics of spaces. Simply stated, auralization is a modeling process where the results of a room acoustic analysis are combined with music or speech recorded within a reflection-free environment. The combined information can be played back to provide a reasonable simulation of how a room will sound following completion.

We are on our third generation of computer modeling tools in fifteen years and we were among the first to auralize a physical model in 1988. We also investigate hybrid methods that may be appropriate to specific project situations. Modeling and auralization methods can be used effectively to confirm a design and to help demonstrate acoustic shortcomings and/or opportunities to owners, donors and members of the design team.

Technical resources allow our consultants to understand fully the nature of a project, but it is the corollary use of appropriate office resources that enable us to provide complete and professional documentation to support our recommendations. We create comprehensive, indexed, and cross-referenced reports and timely responses for key stages of a project, from the initial proposal through construction documentation and final punch-lists, using a combination of electronic and printed documents. To coordinate our work with all design team members, our consultants produce construction drawings using the most current version of AutoCAD and Revit.

A full complement of architectural acoustics and audio systems testing services are available, including:

  • Room acoustic measurements to assess the quality of music and speech acoustics;
  • Acoustic isolation measurements to evaluate air-borne and structure-borne noise and vibration;
  • Audio system evaluation measurements for tests of loudspeaker systems, impedance and related tests;
  • Audio equipment testing for characteristics such as directivity, distortion and power output;
  • Noise and vibration measurements for environmental and ambient noise and vibration testing.
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