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Scott Hamilton hears and appreciates a room’s unique acoustic character. As a musician and engineer, he comprehends how every detail from each discipline contributes to the big picture, bringing designs to their full potential. He understands that every aspect of building design has a profound impact on the aural environment of a space. He knows that full coordination is necessary for a remarkable venue, from placement of sound-reflecting surfaces to the coordination of building systems.

Joining TALASKE in 2012, Hamilton draws from a diverse portfolio to help design teams meet and exceed their client’s vision. Prior to joining TALASKE, Hamilton contributed to international design teams in projects across the United States, Canada, Nigeria and Qatar. Projects addressed acoustics, noise and vibration control in facilities encompassing performing arts, radio and television broadcast, sports and fitness, healthcare, education, law and worship.


  • B.S.E. Multidisciplinary Engineering Concentration in Acoustics, Minor in Electrical Engineering, Purdue University, 2009
  • Graduate coursework in Acoustics and Live Sound


  • Acoustics Consultant, Aercoustics Engineering Ltd. Toronto, Ontario (2009- 2012)
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