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TALASKE | sound thinking
  • Audio system design for music, theater performance and the spoken word.
  • Video system design for presentation and entertainment.
  • Audio & video system specification and documentation for competitive bidding.
  • Optimization of systems following substantial completion.
  • Computer modeling, analysis and auralization capabilities.
  • Complete audio, video and acoustic measurement instrumentation.
  • In-house acousticians optimize spaces for audio systems use

Clients often include “State-of-the-Art Audio and Video Systems” on their wish lists. But what does that phrase mean? In a world where equipment can translate into significant costs, we believe it’s important to ascertain what clients really need. Understanding each client’s day-to-day activities while exploring their long-term goals are the first steps in our carefully guided process.

During initial meetings we listen, ask probing questions and raise coordination issues, because we know that matching systems to realistic, detailed expectations leads to satisfaction. Once we understand the client’s needs, we help them achieve a balance between cutting-edge equipment, flexibility and ease of use. We are experts at designing systems to deliver the best aural and visual experiences for specific environments, with capacity for modification as needs and technology change. We know what equipment works, what doesn’t—and which vendors and suppliers will provide good service and maintenance.

During construction, no one likes surprises. At TALASKE, we help clients, contractors and design teams avoid surprises by preparing thorough documents for bidding. Once we understand precisely how audio and video systems will be used, we create detailed documents with no room for ambiguity. As a result, clients receive competitive bids that are in line with estimates. The strength of our documents and the coordination with the architectural documents also help minimize questions about the audio and video systems during construction.

Surprises are equally unwelcome after construction is complete. Our services include complete evaluation and optimization of installed audio and video systems to ensure that they meet our design intent. This step is essential to be certain that the owners receive the quality and value they expect. At the end of the project, when the users are pleasantly surprised by how well the systems meet their needs—that’s the one surprise we welcome.

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