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Aaron Downey understands the day-to-day needs of performers, technicians, and venue owners. He gets it because he’s been there — on stage as a musician and technician in two world tours, a sound engineer as well as technical director in countless live productions, in the recording studio, in the field as an audio and video integrator, and as a venue operator.

With a lifelong passion for production, Downey knows that planning the intricate details of audio, video and support systems with precision spells the difference between headaches and success. He chose to study engineering, computer science and mathematics, correctly predicting the convergence of networked computing with audio and video technology.

Downey continues to monitor future trends in technology to provide informed service to clients in varied fields. Whether working with concert halls, theatres, outdoor spaces, houses of worship, or educational and business facilities, he develops cost-effective solutions to specific goals. Downey has earned a reputation as a trusted advisor—one who helps clients plan audio and video systems for current and future needs, no matter how complex.

Aaron is a consultant with Professional Audio Designs and works as a sub-consultant to TALASKE.


  • B. S. in Computer Science and Mathematics, Wheaton College, 1999


  • Design and installation of audio, video & computer systems for a Michigan contracting firm (4 years)
  • Recording Studio Engineer (2 years)
  • Live event production, direction, and sound mixing throughout the Midwest (20 years)
  • Member of InfoComm, NSCA, SynAudCon, Digital Signage Experts Group and IAAM
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