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  • Needs Assessment: Identify potential audiences, interview performing arts user groups and review regional facilities.
  • Concept Development: Conduct Physical Planning that focuses on the space program, site review, preliminary design and construction cost analysis. Business Planning is a separate effort that addresses models for ownership, governance, pro forma and operating costs.
  • Economic Impact Analysis: Determine revenue benefits and cost liabilities to the community.
  • Survey of Potential Funding Sources: Introduce the project to community leaders.
  • Implementation Planning: Establish how to move from planning to reality.
  • Facility Evaluation: Acoustic, audio and engineering testing and evaluation of existing facilities. Tours of other existing facilities which match client goals.

A feasibility study is an invaluable first step toward defining — and eventually designing — a successful new building. Consultants holding the experience and communication skills required to extract the essence of users’ facility needs should lead the process. The best professionals, in close communication with the users, are able to translate these needs into tangible facility requirements and guide a project to a built facility that functions effectively.

When quality acoustics, audio and video design are primary factors defining success of a building, developing the right facility means concisely identifying, at the onset, the use goals and the building features that will lead to great sound. At TALASKE, we often function in a team leadership role for projects such as concert halls where the pursuit of the highest quality of sound is one of the primary drivers. Our consultants bring planning and design experience gathered through involvement with hundreds of performance and assembly facilities throughout the United States and the world.

Any organization or community with aspirations for a major new facility to serve public needs is well advised to assemble an experienced team of consultants. Feasibility teams may include acoustics and audio designers, management consultants, theatre planners, architectural and interior designers, cost consultants, construction managers and fundraisers, all working together to establish clear goals and rally community-wide support.

TALASKE consultants have developed a reliable method for guiding communities through this discovery process. Our team members communicate in a cooperative manner with other members of the planning team, as well as building committee members, city officials, targeted user groups and potential funding sources. We provide clear explanations in plain English. We understand how to draw participants into the planning efforts so that everyone involved will feel ownership for the process and the resulting project.

Our firm has guided or participated in the feasibility process for dozens of new and renovated facilities, including California Center for the Arts, Plymouth Hilde Music Center, Pritzker Music Pavilion, Elgin Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall Study, Goshen College Music Building, Arena Stage Theatre and Goodman Theatre. Further information is available in the project section of this website.

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