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TALASKE | sound thinking
  • Room acoustics design
  • Acoustic isolation design
  • Noise control design
  • Feasibility studies and needs assessment
  • Advanced computer modeling, analysis and auralization abilities
  • Complete acoustic measurement instrumentation
  • In-house audio consultants help shape the acoustic signature
  • Thorough report and documentation procedures
  • Cutting edge computer and IT systems

“Acoustically Perfect” is an alluring phrase, but the concept is seldom fully understood. What is a quality acoustic environment — and how is it achieved? Contrary to myth, quality sound evolves from diligent application of objective acoustics know-how combined with judgment based on extensive listening experience. This method is guided by experts in the subjective evaluation of what sounds best for specific uses.
Acoustic quality is achieved by the few practitioners dedicated to designing spaces that perform as promised. At TALASKE, we have earned a reputation as experts in room acoustics by consistently developing high-quality facilities. We have the resources and expertise to guide clients to the quality sound they seek.

Silence and clarity of sound are the acoustic bedrock of all the spaces we design. Every soundscape must be created on the blank canvas of a noise-free environment. The intertwined specialties of acoustic isolation, noise and vibration control help us create distraction-free environments combined with low noise.
Hearing the detail of music and speech is fundamental to sound quality. Achieving this clarity of sound requires decisions of a room’s size and shape at the earliest stages of a building’s programming and conceptual design. The finest facilities arise from fastidious coordination of aesthetic, functional and acoustic goals. When clarity and low noise are achieved, listeners hear the finest nuances of sounds.

We build on this foundation to add the qualities desired for all anticipated uses and configurations. Concert halls may embellish music with reverberance and three-dimensional envelopment. Theatres, houses of worship, performing arts centers, classrooms and boardrooms all require distinct acoustic signatures. Audio systems are supported by the appropriate acoustic environment. With proper guidance, new and renovated spaces can be designed with acoustics precisely tuned to the needs of the users. TALASKE provides this guidance.

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