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TALASKE | sound thinking

“Success” will be defined collectively by all who will use a facility. As champions of sound, we represent our clients’ interests with sound thinking.

– Richard Talaske


Sound is a critical feature of the building arts, one that has a profound impact on the use of space. Although we perceive every space with our aural as well as our visual senses, the significance of sound in the built environment is often overlooked. Like lighting, sound may be appropriate or inappropriate. The proper control of sound is essential to fulfilling the needs and enabling the activities of those who use a facility. Sound characteristics can be crafted to support specific functional needs—but sound has the power to carry more than a supporting role. Soundscapes can be designed and sculpted for the most expressive purposes.

TALASKE consultants believe that the sound environment deserves as much attention as other aspects of the building arts. As acousticians, audio and audiovisual systems designers, performers, technicians and craftsmen, we know that sound offers limitless possibilities to enrich and enhance experience. We have studied the art and the science of sound and video and have learned that the objective rigors of science must be balanced by subjective validations and individual experiences. We know how to predict the individual characteristics of sound and optimize these within the built environment.


At TALASKE we are not only experts in sound. We are champions and advocates with a mission of designing the finest spaces for sound. An effective thinking process allows us to realize our goals. We define ourselves by respect for colleagues, clients and users and the ability to communicate technical concepts with clarity, because we realize the design process requires effective collaboration.

We have been privileged to work with some of the world’s finest architects and design consultants. Every project partner brings a different point of view and every perspective must be encompassed. TALASKE clients and design partners depend on us to remain vigilant in pursuit of appropriate acoustical, audio and video goals. They also expect us to be open-minded about testing design concepts. Only with a willingness to explore, innovate, test and adapt can a design team develop a creative solution that serves all of the individual goals.

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